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PRANINA is a new series of yogasuits that shall meet the needs of the passionated yoga practicioner. No disturbing buttons, zippers or ribbons at the wrong places. The PRANINA outfits provide extra warmth and support where it is needed the most: in the lower back and kidney region. 

The name PRANINA
The name PRANINA is the combination of PRANA and NINA, the name of the designer. It combines the meanings of PRANA (life energy) and NINA (pure).

Therefore PRANINA stands for: pure life energy 
PRANINA is a very suitable name for yoga sports, as yoga is all about connecting and joining body, spirit and mind so that the life energy can freely flow again. 
Why a one-piece yoga outfit?
A very personal experience has brought the designer in contact with Chineese Yoga. This form of yoga has the purpose of connecting the lower with the upper body. Without the connection, movement would not be possible. She learned the importance of the musclegroup called psoas, which has (warmed up) a very positive effect on the kidneys, where all our human fears and stress is captured and which are connected to the heart and its emotions. By excercising Chinese Yoga the blocked energies are released, which have built up by emotional and physical stress.  This positive experience led to the development of the kidney / lower back wrap, which shall provide extra warmth and support while playing yoga. 

Objectives PRANINA
PRANINA aims to bring new spirit to the sportclothing industry in regards to yoga sports and others, like Tai Chi and Qi Gong or simply meditation and relaxation. An attractive design and especially comfort shall have the first priority. To ensure these objectives, the designer stays in contact with yoga teachers and physiotherapists to further develop and refine the demands that yoga has to design yoga clothing that works (physically and emotionally).